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Set a standard among your stakeholders, orchestrate processes, and ensure compliance. All in one place with your own blockchain.

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Your tailored processes

Managing diverse data flows and ensuring trust among stakeholders is not a piece of cake

In today's fast-paced and data-driven world, businesses need more than off-the-shelf solutions. They need a system that reflects their unique workflow while ensuring trust among stakeholders. A one-size-fits-all approach to business orchestration is no longer sufficient.

That's why we empower you to create your own blockchain-based workflow, making your processes management among different stakeholders easy, flexible and secure.


Some things Datome can do for you

Personalized blockchain

Personalized blockchain

Datome empowers you to create a personalized blockchain process tailored to your specific business needs.

Process optimization

Process optimization

Datome reduces errors and redundancies, leading to increased productivity and cost savings.

Stakeholder coordination

Stakeholder coordination

Datome harmonizes stakeholder'scontributions to enhance collaboration and operational efficiency.

Compliance assurance

Compliance assurance

Datome minimizes the risk of legal disputes and ensuring that your operations meet all requirements.

Leave the tech to us

We understand that your expertise lies in your business, not managing complex technology. That's where we come in. With Datome, you have the power to build your own ecosystem with ease.

Whether it's managing processes, permissions, or setting rules, our user-friendly editor empowers you to shape your digital world without the need for coding expertise.
You focus on your vision, we handle the technology.

How the magic happens

How it works

Curious about how Datome can transform your business operations? Let's dive in and explore the process that turns your vision into reality.

01. Start with a simple question

What is the core of your process?

In the first step, you identify the core element of your process. This could be a physical asset, such as a bag, or a digital asset, like a contract. The blue-print of this asset will be represented by what we call in Datome a Model, i.e. a JSON schema that describes all the characteristics and rules of the asset.

02. Match the traits of your data-flow

What describes your asset?

Delve into the specific details that describe your asset. To do this, enrich your model with what we call properties. Properties are nothing more than the characteristics and data that describe the asset (e.g. the quantity or the type of material).

03. Trace the path

What are the steps of your process?

Outline the sequence of actions that make up your process. Each action will be represented by a state. The total chain of your states corresponds to the rules of your workflow and will represent, in the end, the history of your supply chain.

04. Manage the unpredictable

Are there steps in your process that are not fixed?

Is your workflow also made up of unpredictable events or is the data describing your asset constantly evolving? Set up the ability to unfailingly describe any particularity of your process via Datome’s Events.

05. Set relations

Are there other entities connected to your asset?

Explore the relationships and connections between your asset and other entities within your ecosystem. Is your bag made up of different kinds of leather? This is what we call a relation.

06. Assign responsabilities

Who can do what?

Determine who has access to your ecosystem and what actions they can perform. By setting the authorized groups, you create a secure and efficient environment for stakeholders to collaborate effectively.

07. Ready, set, go!

Start creating your assets

Once you have everything set, you can start creating assets and having them go through the designed flow. For each asset, you get a customizable public web page that certifies the history of the changes and the rules that were followed.

So why

Why should you use Datome?

Datome is a versatile platform designed to deliver benefits to businesses across various industries, regardless of their size or scale. While Datome's flexibility ensures that it can be applied to any business, here are a few examples of areas where Datome can make a substantial impact.

Supply chain management

Track every step of your goods' journey with a tamper-proof blockchain ledger. Create a standardized system for stakeholders, fostering trust and coordination throughout your supply chain.

Intellectual property certification

Protect your intellectual property with Datome's robust certification system. Prevent unauthorized usage and establish the rightful owner of your intellectual assets.


Map and secure the most risk-prone aspects of your processes, providing invaluable insights into areas often subject to audits. Simplify the process of responding to third-party claims as you can provide a verifiable and tamper-proof record of your activities.

Story telling

Blockchain technology allows you to tell a compelling and verifiable story of your product's journey. Whether you're showcasing a product's development, features, or quality, Datome helps you narrate your product's story with confidence.

Data-driven decision making

Datome ensures that you can trust your data and processes, enabling confident, data-driven choices.

Last but not least

Why blockchain?You might wonder why, with existing process orchestration systems in place, you should consider Datome and blockchain technology. The answer lies in the uniqueness of out blockchain.

Centralized business logic

Say goodbye to the complexity of scattered business process logic. With Datome, you can consolidate all aspects of your business logic in one central location. This not only streamlines your operations but also eradicates discrepancies that often arise from fragmented systems.

Real-time certifications for auditors

Datome's real-time access to certification records empowers auditors to swiftly and thoroughly assess your compliance and operations.

Certainty at every step

Datome ensures that each step in your processes is marked by certainty. You have precise information about the date, document versions, user identities, and validation rules associated with every action.

A single source of truth

Datome offers a unique ledger that serves as the definitive source of truth for all stakeholders involved.

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