Embed trust in your data and processes

Bring intelligence into data and flows to get a more efficient and safe IT ecosystem.
Leverage in self-provisioning the real benefits of the blockchain.
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The context

The reliability on your data and processes is a critical issue.

The door is often left open to potential errors, manipulations and procedural anomalies.

A questionable reliability, or an actual wrong processing, may lead to incorrect decision-making, loss of margins or even third-party claims.
With usual methods, ensuring trust in your data and processes by all stakeholders is either not possible or complex and expensive.


Can you defend against third-party claims challenging the proper execution of a process ?
How painful is it writing a business logic in different places?
Incoming information from customers or suppliers. Do you have full control on the context when such data should be validated?
Different applications writing on the same database, are such applications always adopting coherent rules?
Do you have a full and trustworthy tracking from the very start to the very end of a process?
Who and when took actions along the way? Can you really trust such a tracking?
What we believe in
Datome is the solution that enables ecosystems to trust data and the processes that manipulate it.

Datome combines blockchain technology, data management, and business process management.

This perfect mix of technologies is crucial to create a robust, secure and scalable Platform As A Service that you can easily configure in self provisioning.

Datome lets you have a trustworthy database that can embed your processes and connect to your users, legacy applications and existing BPM or DM.

How it works

1. Create

Create digital models Use our APIs to define an asset (e.g. a physical object, a ticket, a set of data) and then design the possible states it can pass though.

2. Set

Set rules, relations and privileges Define who has the right to change a state, write/read data and under what circumstances.

3. Connect

Connect legacy applications Use our APIs to connect your existing systems or any third party.

4. Certify

Certify each run.
Get your assets certified, tacked and automated effortlessly on your private blockchain. You can share a public page showing the history of each asset that run through the Datome process. The public page can be tailored with your own editorial content.
What we believe in
Get your own blockchain-regulated database without coding smart contracts

The Benefits

Safeguard data integrity
Validate information
Enable sharing
Protect your organization
One single environment
Tracks assets
Simplify data orchestration


Final custumers can use Datome in self provisioning or with the consultancy of our staff.
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System integrators and software houses may use Datome to enable new features within their solutions.

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