Datome for Pharma

Datome provides advanced solutions for the management, traceability and safety of medicines. In this use case, we will explore how Datome can be applied in the pharmaceutical industry, illustrating how companies can benefit from using this technology to optimize operations, improve regulatory compliance and ensure the highest quality and safety of pharmaceutical products.



Use Datome to improve stock traceability, optimize supply management and guarantee the safety of medicines throughout the distribution chain.


An international pharmaceutical company, with headquarters abroad, a division in Italy and a hospital among its customers, uses Datome to improve the management of pharmaceutical operations, including traceability, replenishment and product safety.


1. Real-Time Stock Tracking:

  • The parent company uses Datome to monitor the stock of medicines in its warehouses in real time by means of sensor systems that share information with Datome, checking whether these comply with the previously defined rules and records them in the blockchain.
  • The Italy Division and the Hospital have real-time access to this information in order to place orders based on actual needs.

2. Payment system optimization:

  • Datome allows immediate management of payments based on actual consumption, reducing the risk of over-stocking or under-stocking.
  • Datome automates the order generation process, reducing human errors and ensuring inventory is always optimized.
  • The Italian Division receives automatic notifications of when to place orders based on estimated quantities, ensuring that medicines are never in short supply.

3. Transport Condition Monitoring:

  • Datome is used to record the transport conditions of medicines during their movement from the Headquarters to the Italian Division and to the Hospital.
  • Blockchain provides complete traceability, allowing you to detect any points of breakage or damage during transport.
  • In the event of damaged lots, Datome facilitates the attribution of responsibility, helping to resolve disputes and take corrective measures.

Datome is a promising solution in the pharmaceutical context, offering a reliable system for monitoring stocks, improving stock management and controlling transport conditions. This blockchain-based technology results in more efficient and secure management of medicines, helping to meet the pharmaceutical industry's needs for transparency and regulatory compliance.