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Datome for the European Digital Product Passport

Integrating Datome, a blockchain-based business process manager, into the European Digital Product Passport (DPP) framework can bring several benefits by easing the management of production processes and availability of the relevant data by stakeholders.

Sustainable practices through material circularity

In the realm of material recycling, Datome's advanced platform is spearheading a transformative approach, fostering transparency and active engagement for all actors involved in the supply chain. This innovative solution seamlessly brings together contributors at every stage of the recycling process, showcasing versatility and power. Within this broader context, we share here a specific project where we implemented the principles of material circularity. This initiative, undertaken for a client specialized in recycling processes, highlights the practical application of circular concepts within the textile industry.

Datome for Pharma

Datome provides advanced solutions for the management, traceability and safety of medicines. In this use case, we will explore how Datome can be applied in the pharmaceutical industry, illustrating how companies can benefit from using this technology to optimize operations, improve regulatory compliance and ensure the highest quality and safety of pharmaceutical products.

Datome for the Textile industry

One of the applications of Datome in the textile industry is the certification of the supply chain, in order to ensure regulatory compliance concerning the materials used and to enhance transparency towards consumers.